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Once upon a time there was an agency that did beautiful things with beautiful people in beautiful fields.

Come with us

Luxury, Luxury, Luxury!

Everything here is purely objective. Light and work.

Luxury is not a profession; on the contrary, it is a COMBINATION of professions – yours – beyond compare -, and ours – where precision, detail, meticulousness and delicacy really matters.

Pleasure to meet you!


Distribution – inside out but never the wrong way round.

We could just tell you that we know a fair old bit about distribution.

We'd rather show you what we have in store


…or how to really strut your stuff!

An old banger, a dustbin on wheels, a saloon, a convertible, a little pocket rocket, a big 4×4, complete whith crew… Thermal or electric. The very essence of desire, perhaps?

Let us take the wheel and whisk you away...


Decoration and adoration, minus the moderation.

Interiors offering an insight into our isolated day-to-day lives. Decor as a valuable playground for lenses and coated paper.

You're going to love it!

Oh !
My food

Napkins at the ready!

One thing for certain is that the quickest route from the eyes to the taste buds is photography – all of the enjoyment of food in its most natural form.

Say cheeeeeese!

Big Team Fashion

In fashion mode.

Mode is the new fashion. Step inside between the two pairs of stilettos and stroke of blusher and you’ll find yourself at the very forefront of creativity.

We'll be keeping you a front-row seat!